Sports genre is certainly not the best for a mobile game. There are games like Asphalt which have high end graphics but they are far heavier and slow down your system to death sometimes. But today, we have one game that might change your opinion. However, it’s not a complete sports game and more like Angry Birds where you’re like playing a game from a distance. Let’s try it out!Screenshot1

I am talking about the latest Android app called Slam Dunk Basketball 2. Yes, it’s the second edition of the highly successful Slam Dunk Basketball. The app has been developed by VisualDreams and is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.


Slam Dunk is more about scoring baskets than sweating your heart out on the court. There is no field play at all and all you have to do is just aim for the basket. So don’t expect stuff like NBA or something but don’t worry as there’s much more to scoring baskets than you can imagine. There are many different types of shots that you’ll have to score in each level and only when you score all of them can you go to the next level. A trajectory will guide your shot to the basket so that you can make sure that your shot is correct. But the key here is not only the accuracy but the speed as well. You will be given 90 seconds only and you have to score as many baskets as you can.

This is a multiplayer game only and there are two types of challenges you can rope in. You can either go head to head in a two player match or you can join a tournament of 8 and see if you can reach the finals and come out as the survivor. Whatever you do, the game is all about coins. For each match, you’ll have to bet some coins. If you win, you’ll take the cash of your opponents as well and if you lose, vice versa happens. Pretty fair, right!

There is definitely a huge improvement in graphics in this sequel over the first part. They are raw, crisp, high quality and there’s a certain kind of spark that’ll blow you away. Maybe that’s the reason that it’s nothing like any other basketball game. There are 40 different balls and many different courts to choose from which will definitely give you a 360. Also, there are many achievements to unlock and the levels seem to never end.


Now, there are some problems regarding the in-app purchase because no matter how much you ignore them, you’ll finally end up there anyway. That’s because any ball or court is as costly as buying an apartment in New York and even if you work hard for hours daily, all you got is just some peanuts. By the way, the game is available for free in the Play Store. So don’t forget to check it out now!

Pros: amazing graphics; intuitive UI; numerous levels of gameplay; achievements; multiplayer; free.

Cons: you’ll have to buy in-app purchases sooner or later.