I don’t know how many times have I forgot the birthday of my friends. Most of the times, it’s one of the rare days when I’m busy and don’t get the time to open Facebook anytime real soon than the end of the day and as soon as the page opens up, the first notification is regarding that birthday. I can’t forget that feeling of disappointment and with an embarrassed face, i finally get the courage to wish him at 12 O’Clock of the midnight and that too at Facebook! I know the same happens with all and we all need a solution.  How many times will our friends keep forgiving us? I guess, not many! So it’s better to prepare for the ultimate cure when we know that the disease will prevail again!

I am talking about an web app called Happy Birthday Cards which you can find here: As you can see, it’s a part of Symyoz which is a website about creating visual quotes, horoscopes, gift lists, etc. This app lets you create your own customized e-birthday cards and you can send them to your friends and family members via Facebook and email. All you have to do is sign-up for free and start creating new exciting cards. You can sign up using your email id or the best option is to login via Facebook because you won’t have to sign up and all your contacts will be automatically synced to your account and you won’t have to add them manually.

After you first sign up, most probably you will be facing a blank screen (if you haven’t logged in with Facebook). You can add new birthdays so that you may get corresponding notifications on time. Creating new cards is very simple. All you have to do is take a photo which can be taken from any source (computer, web, Facebook, Twitter, etc). After the picture is loaded, you can write quotes on it and customize it with full effects as per your requirements. There are many cool filters and tools to make sure that your creativity is not being criticized. Apart from that, you can search for any gift ideas shared by your friends. Also, you can schedule your birthday cards in advance in case you’ll be out of station on the corresponding date.

Symbyoz is running a very cool competition side by side. In fact, I should not call it a competition because there’s no limit on how much reward you get. All you have to do is share your birthdays cards with others, vote on other birthday cards and something like that and you’ll get some cool rewards in the form of virtual Symbyoz currency which you can use to buy products on Symbyoz.

I think it’s a very good option with Symbyoz’s e-birthday cards to make someone’s day special. Go check it  out now.

Pros: intuitive UI; cool customization effects and tools; synced with social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Trying WebApp –  Try Your wishes Today with Symbyoz