Social networks are the latest fad today. There are so many coming up in the recent times. Most of these are based on text and photos. The problem with this is that text cannot express the right emotions at times. As humans, our most natural mode of communication is speech. This is the concept that drives Jinglay- a new social network based on audio curation. This iOS app allows users to share their feelings via voice, music and sound. This is done through the medium of 15-second audio clips known as ‘Jingles’.


Jinglay Inc. has successfully established a social network based on audio. This network can be used to share audio clips with ease. The app comes with a superb design and a fresh new concept. It is different from the current video-based and image-based or text-based social media. It paves the way for musicians, sound and music lovers who wish to spread out their social web. It allows users to express themselves in their most natural way and be creative at the same time.


The name of this app is derived from two words- ‘jingle’ + ‘relay’. It is not an app for audio streaming or the like. In fact, it is for relaying jingles among your friends and family. While streaming is a one-way thing, Jinglay allows continuous interactions among users, building a stream of relayed jingles based on a certain topic. This brings out the social aspect of the whole app.

The age of text and images has expired. Audio is replacing them as the latest trend for sharing special moments. Jinglay is taking the lead in this positive change. It is here to revolutionize the way we build and use social networks by creating a brand new platform where users express themselves via 15-second audio clips called jingles. Users can share music and sounds with each other in an easy way. They can also debate together and contribute to the Jinglay jam session.

It is the ideal platform for music lovers who would like to stay connected with the world of music. All they have to do is join this vast network of audio curators. They can then listen to the highlights of the latest music curated by other users across the globe. The jam sessions provide a means to get together and work on creating superb music. You can join in with others to create a huge stream of soothing or rocking sounds. The time limit on the audio clips allows for content to be viewed more comfortably on the mobile screen.


Jinglay also brings a set of unique features in the form of Audio and Performance options that allows users to express in their own unique ways. The Performance feature allows users to add a video to their jingle to showcase their vocal and instrumental skills. The Audio feature lets users clip music and then share it with others.

The Jinglay app is available for free download in the App Store. It requires iOS 8.0 or higher and is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. This is the perfect app for expressing in the most natural way.

Good: Audio and Performance features

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App