Are you owning a business? Be it any kind of service or product you are offering you might want to know the tweets relevant to your small business. You might be curious to find out whether and what your customers are talking about you. Are they talking good about you? Are they satisfied by your service? Do they wish to come back again? These may be some among the many questions that come up to your mind. Monitoring your clients/customers on Twitter is quite a tough task and it takes a lot of time.

As a business person or an individual offering some service, if your customers are talking about you on Twitter, you might definitely want to know about that. Here is one awesome web application, that lets you know about what your customers talk about you. The web application, MyTweetAlerts works as your personal assistant on Twitter and it finds and delivers the most important tweets for you. Using this, a person can minimize the amount of time they spend on Twitter. It sorts out only those tweets that are important for you and your business.

This web application finds tweets relevant to your criteria and sends email notifications to you on a daily or weekly basis. Using the alert dashboard on the web application, you can search through the many tweets by classifying them based on different keywords, followers, favorites, keywords, etc., The app allows you to choose: where, when and how often you need to see those alerts. You can choose to receive those alerts on hourly, daily or weekly basis. These options will greatly help you in growing your business and greatly help you find new biz leads and chances.

PIf you have any doubts with the product, you can very well contact the developers. With MyTweetAlerts, you don’t have to spend your whole day to find out what your customers have to say about you on Twitter. Leave your task to this web application and what you want will be sorted out in just a few minutes.

If there is one free tool out there, then MyTweetAlerts is all that you need and is a must-have for you with your Twitter experience.  You can either sign up for a free trial or choose a paid subscription. You may be an individual or an enterprise, the web app MyTweetAlerts tailors your needs accordingly.

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