The source is a recruiting platform that assists you in locating, engaging, and hiring top technical talent. It is a talent intelligence platform that helps businesses move faster, lower hiring costs, and find top technical talent.

Look for Top Technical Talent with the Skills You’re Looking For

Discover candidates who have been verified by cross-referencing metrics and contributions from platforms that are native to them

  • Talent identification
  • Lists of candidates
  • Verified experience

Communicate Before, During, And After the Hiring Process

Contact candidates and facilitate communication in one location, even after they’ve been hired.

  • Cold contact
  • Follow-ups have been scheduled.
  • NPS polls

Collect Data and Get Ai-powered Recommendations on What to Do Next

Use insightful tips to streamline your process and save time where it is most beneficial.

  • Email efficiency
  • Candidate involvement
  • Diverse talent

Innovative Solutions for Everyday HR Problems

Source combines a robust recruitment CRM platform with a constantly growing database of software developers.

Talent acquisition                                                                                                                    

  • Candidates can be found using their skills, employer, location, and other preferences.

Lists of candidates

  • Determine which candidates meet your hiring requirements and save them to lists for later.

Email communication

  • Send emails, set up follow-ups, and monitor email performance.

Insights powered by AI.

  • Learn about your talent pipeline, conversations, diversity, and more.

Experience that has been verified

  • Candidates are evaluated based on their previous work experience and contributions.


  • Send process follow-ups automatically and never be ghosted or ghosted again.

The reputation of the recruiter

  • Improve your reputation and outbound candidate engagement.

Candidate satisfaction

  • Collect feedback via NPS surveys and learn how to improve your process.

Data Extraction

  • Use Zapier to connect tools you already use or export candidates to a CSV file.

Final Words

Source provides a novel twist to existing recruitment CRM systems. It is a valuable tool for finding developers and top technical talent candidates. Source will undoubtedly become an indispensable tool for all global users.

Web App: Source HR