The act of sending mails cannot get easier as offer the best service in the United States. It meets the need of sending overnight mails irrespective of whether it is online or offline. The best part of the service is that it does not require any subscription, contracts or gimmicks.

The process of sending mails is as simple as that. The company allows to send PDFs of contracts, bills, invoices or anything anywhere in the US. First of all you need to upload your PDF document either from your computer or from your cloud storage (Dropbox). Now depending on the number of pages, color, single sided or both sided print and the delivery speed the prices shows up on the screen. The price that shows up on the screen is the only price you need to pay for the service and there is no extra charges demanded. Payments are accepted by either Stripe or Paypal. You will get a confirmation email once a tracking number has been assigned to your envelope. And that is how you can send your document overnight as does the job for you.

Every mail that is sent using the service is given equal importance as customer satisfaction is the company’s primary goal. Every time you make a payment, the personal details you upload is highly secured and the company does not save or keep a copy of any of your personal details. This is a service that one might need if they need to send a document really fast irrespective of whether someone is a lawyer, an office manager, a contractor sending invoice, or a doctor applying for a license. The company makes sure that your mail reaches the right destination within the time limit you specified and no compromises are made with your urgency whatsoever.

There are more points that can be included in supporting the pros of the service it provides to its clients than the cons. However there is no service on the internet that is flawless. Although the cons of the service it provides is almost equal to zero but still there is one such point that cannot go without mentioning that the same day delivery speed for just two pages is approximately 30$. Although it might seem very less to almost every client but for some it might seem worth a bargain.

Keeping into account of everything the company has to offer to its clients, it becomes very easy to give a final verdict on the same. If you are in a haste of sending something very urgent and want to do that simply by sitting on your desk then you can surely use to get the job done. Sending 1 to 2 page document might seem too less for the price you pay. But sending documents which consists to 10 pages will surely be worth the bucks you spend in sending it. Finally the service provided by the company is the best and one can easily afford if they are in a severe urgency.

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