To all game lovers, have you tried this new time killer game? Well if you have not, you need not to worry. The new game is not just time killing but user-friendly with availability to play on your tablet and phone. Paddle Bounce comes with easy control and a dark background that will help one to play for several hours without eye irritation. The game is much easier from downloading as you can get it from Google play store and also light to run on your device for its small size. The whole idea behind Paddle Bounce Ballz is to learn how to control the paddles and ensure the balls bounce back to the basket.

The control parameters are easy as one needs a steady flow swiping the screen right to left to avoid missing a single ball from the arcade. With easy controls, the game creators have made it possible for everyone to play and enjoy scoring. One continues enjoying the game as many balls bounce back to the basket. The targets are easy and straight on point as one target the bouncing ball only.

Paddle Bounce Ballz has various skin and comes with a black background that helps one to play for long hours. It is customized in four arcades and helps first time plays to be confident while they start to play this addictive game. Having few missions, the game is influential giving one the urge to play and relate well. Paddle bounce has hugely carried its lovers as it allows one to take a screenshot and share with friends in a easy way.

The game have a survival tactic that allows a player to tap and shoot when all the balls laps, however one has to avoid losing a single ball as the time is limited by the balls one looses. The game has bonuses that helps one to score higher as its suits its players. The game is awesome, it drive some addiction and has the power to leave one playing for several hours. With its recent update, the game control and the balls moves faster and gives one a higher concentration. Paddle bounce helps in relaxing the mind as it is not a heavy game that requires critical thinking. The experience leave one into some desire to continue as the balls keeps on changing the colors. The fixed paddle sensitivity is great and it gives the game an optimized mood where one needs to go for the gems.

The game allow an easy way to share with friends through the social media accounts and has an easy mode from the interface to the setting. We can all say the game is also friendly from its size as it wastes no space on gadgets and a fortune to all android users. It is also friendly and easy to play for people from all age groups. It helps one to relax as he/she enjoys the bouncing balls not even noticing time is moving. Paddle bounce ballz is however the game to try out, enjoy and share with friends all around.

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