In previous times, we used to do, was keeping a large manual books of records for the people who visited in our offices. Then another period of time comes when we used computers to keep records for visitor and staff members. It also little bit hectic but not more than those large and heavy ledgers. But now all things go hand in hand as fast as bullet trains and even there are various mobile application are available in the market now who can keep records for visitors and staff members activities in the office.

Recently, I found an application which can track the record of visitors and other staff members, namely Menelic Visitors Management Application. This application can track the records of visitors and staff members with secure backup feature. This application have various kinds of merits which is better than usually manual log ledgers. There are various amazing features that are present in this application which other same application don’t have yet. So, here are certain features of MVM application are mentioned below:

^^_Use Cloud administrative UI for receiver.
^^_Wireless emblem printer feature which can make work more easy.
^^_Modified name logo.
^^_Provide current status whom is in and whom is out from the building.
^^_Provide call details
^^_Invisible Paxton system for automatic entries of employees with in one swipe of identification cards.
^^_Daily reports are provided regarding people who come and goes in the office.
^^_Provides different location report are also with in it.
^^_MVM application can use in kind of device like Pc’s, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Laptops.
^^_Users can use this application in any place in the world at any time because MVM application has secured cloud backup feature.
^^_Automation logout.

Benefits of Menelic Visitor Management Application
There are lots of benefits for using MVM application in your office

*_Secure and effective.
*_Log in and record of visitor details.
*_Track records of everyone who come and goes out 24×7.
*_Get rid from heavy log books.
*_100% accurate details.
*_Quick and easy to use.
*_Identify people who visit again and again and allow them to be log in within no time.
*_In some cases if a returning person who have some past criminal issues, identify them and give instant signals to security deptt.
*_100% accuracy grantee.
*_If your using camera in the office or house, MVM application can also provide you a photograph for next level of investigation if some problem or scenes happens.

Before using this application you have to connect or I can say you have to link your accounts with this application whether its your email id or Facebook account then you can sign up with MVM application after giving full personal details. When MVM application verify your details then they create your account with MVM and you can use this world class top security facility in within minutes and then they sync your data with cloud database. Then they ask you for further configuration and also you have to provide visitors configuration and then you can use MVM application for your office and houses.

In today’s world we have to be secure ourselves and our premise from various kinds of threats and these kind of applications are very helpful and go hand in hand and provide you a unique security features.

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