If you are looking forward to seek help in managing your business, then ZingCheckout is just what you are looking for. ZingCheckout is a specially designed application, mainly for retail outlets. It is very powerful and effective, yet a simple Point of Sale software which helps the owners in growing their business through internet marketing. It is a perfect solution for small businesses which are in pursuit of expansion.

ZingCheckout is not an application, rather it is internet based. This is no matter wherever you are; you just need to be connected to the internet. Either through your computer, Ipad, smartphone or any other device; you can easily manage the operations of your business. Therefore, the basic requirement to start using ZingCheckout is an internet connection with a device on which you can use it. ZingCheckout is compatible with all of the major internet browsers; hence there is nothing extra that you would need to install in order to start using it. The process of signing up is very easy and most importantly, it is free. With ZingCheckout, you would be able to manage your inventory, as well as generate various performance reports. However, the most significant aspect of using ZingCheckout is availing their social media campaign. It is a world known fact that word of mouth is the most effective form of publicity and ZingCheckout helps a business in capitalizing on this aspect.

ZingCheckout provides great utility to small businesses. It has been specially designed keeping under considerations the dynamics of small businesses. It helps in taking payments and managing inventory no matter wherever you may be. It is a great tool to promote your business through social networks such as facebook and twitter. This is done in a fairly innovative manner, as whenever a customer is billed and is sent a receipt, and then ZingCheckout provides them the option to share your business on either of these two social network giants. Furthermore, it helps you in developing reports and looks into the general trend of your business. It helps you highlight the majorly demanded products, and this data can be viewed according to weeks, months, years and even quarters. If you want to start using ZingCheckout, then you can do this free of cost. The basic account is free for all and signing up for it hardly takes two minutes. Once you have used the ZingCheckout basic account and are satisfied with its performance, then you can upgrade your account. This involves signing no long term contracts; hence you are not bound by agreement. You can withdraw you subscription at any time.

It is one of the highly rated web based point of sale software available in the market. It is the one-stop solution for all the problems and needs of a small business. Since, you can download the basic version for free, it gives you another reason to give ZingCheckout a shot!

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