If you are looking for a fair opinion from a variety of people, then the internet is sure a good choice. You can create a poll online and open it to the public all across the world and be rest assured to get unbiased results. To do this, it is simple to create an online voting list that covers the items that you need a poll upon and share it with the community online whom you wish to poll for. The question that remains, however, is the kind of list that you must make to go about this effectively.

There are so many kinds of lists that can be created, ranging from lists including URLs to simple text ones to lists of images for people’s polls. While there are individual websites that might handle each of these types of lists well, you might be in search of one site that houses all kinds of lists for online voting covering a wide range of topics. If this is what you need, then Listnerd is where your search ends.

Listnerd is a site or a webapp which shall help you out with the process of creation of online lists for people to vote upon. In essence, this site is something of a social media site like Pinterest, which allows you to create lists using a well defined format so that you can accumulate opinions of all kinds of people about them.

This webapp is completely free and all you have to do to use it is create a new account. There is also the option of logging in to it via your Twitter or Facebook account. Then, you need to make up your mind on the kind of list you wish to create and specify the same. The types of lists are based on whether the entries in it need URL, definitions or images. With this much done, you can then begin with adding entries in to your list. The app simplifies the process of creating online lists thus so that you may be the benefactor.

Once you have completed your list, it will then be published on a specific unique URL. You are given the choice of keeping it private or making it public as per your needs. To vote, one has to visit the URL and then leave comments for the entries on your list.

With Listnerd, you can create online voting lists that are very easy to share and to vote on. Those viewing it are allowed to leave comments on your lists so that you can improve your further ones or at least know what others think of your list. The web service of the app is very user friendly and the user interface is highly intuitive and easy to work with, although the home page is a little crammed and stuffy. There is the option of choosing whether you wish to add images, URLs or definitions to your entries, which is very advantageous and helpful. Listnerd is a great app for creating online voting lists with just the right combination of features.

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