So the question is: what is project management? I know that most of you might not have even heard the term and that’s why I’m going to elaborate it a little. According to one of the most prestigious websites in this field,, project definition means bringing different elements together to accomplish a particular task in the most efficient manner. The definition is simple but meaningful and describes the structure of the world. This is the way all the successful organizations work and I don’t need to give you any example to certify that. Now the only thing that is still unanswered is why I’m talking about Project Management and this website. It’s because I’m going to review this website for today. is a dedicated website where you can everything related to project management. The field is vast and so is the website. The website caters to its users pretty similar what our website serves as to all the app users. I don’t think there is any difference other than that they are so much professional in their work as well as attitude. That is obvious after all their clients are also managers from the big companies and though they are not offering them any service on their own, they are guiding them to get the best of their investment.

There are many different sections on the website. First, you can find the top 5 software that are doing well in the market as well as have good value for money. There are reviews written for each one of them so that you can have an insight about their features. The actual professionalism lies in the quality of the reviews. They are all well researched, detailed and very well written. But yes, they are a little bit complex. But that’s what happens when you’re working on an elevated level. You are only concerned to your customers and experts in the field and that’s what it is here.

Other than reviews, you can also catch the latest news regarding different software. The news is also written by website’s own writers so you won’t find anything “out of syllabus” down there. They are all useful and right to the point; no useless discussions. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed if you want. There is another section for articles. These articles are obviously concerned to Project Management but you may find something different than software. Interestingly, even you can contribute to the website. if you think you have good subject knowledge and can write something good for them, just give them a mail and if they accept your work, it will get published on the articles section for free.

The website is very neatly designed and you won’t have to look around here and there to find what you want. So if you’re looking for Project Management software, do take a look at this website first. It may help you a lot.

Pros: professional style of writing; well researched and detailed reviews; latest news.

Cons: an amateur might find it difficult to understand the content.

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