Ace Project has been a successful web application that has a new look and interface.  Current users have definitely been satisfied with the new look and the new features of Ace Project.  What makes Ace Project so great?  Apart from the various types of pricing available, Ace Project also has competitive prices and a new mobile application which we will explain further on.  One of the things you should know about the new and redesigned web application is that you can now open as many projects as you want once you are ready to work, a global search box reminds you of all the tasks that you are allowed to see as well as specific ones for special projects, a side bar when you’re editing forms, the web application even remembers the filters you leave so that you can access everything faster and more enhanced features from Ace Project.

Now if you look at the mobile version of this application, it has just been released so they are constantly updating and upgrading the features you can access on Ace Project.  Project details have been added as well as task editing, task assignment and even documents can be accessed right from your phone.  Remember that you can also access Ace Project ( Project Planning Software ) through your tablet, making it even easier to keep up with projects, document uploads and major changes.  The page offers screenshots on every new feature or upgrade, which show a remarkable difference from when Ace Project started out.  From all the web application websites we have seen, no one has come close to what Ace Project is doing to keep the competition with major websites like BaseCamp.  In fact, their users have switched to Ace Project once they released their new interface and all of them seem satisfied with the results.

As far as learning how to use Ace Project goes, this application is great to use on-the-go and you can easily access your files from anywhere in the world because the page is organized, structured and has everything that a project manager would need.  From Project management features like task groups, Gantt Charts, Calendars, templates and marked projects, to Document management, Ace Project is one of those tools that will keep your business afloat.  Whether you are working alone or with a group, Ace Project provides instant uploads for up to 15 documents at a time as well as a history of changes within project tasks, descriptions or even documents.  No file will be permanently overwritten or deleted if you use Ace Project because their products allow user permissions.

From document, time, invoices or other things, Ace Project will always ask for approval so that the process is clear and effective.  Ace project also allows you to import or export your data for extra security or backup.  The pricing plans are useful because there is a price for every consumer, the things that change with pricing are the number of users for the account, amount of storage, amount of active projects and amount of tasks.  Since this web application is constantly improving, it would be useful to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, RSS feed or through many of the other social networks out there.  They also listen to requests from the project managers themselves and that’s how they’ve improved the website and developed new features such as mobile compatibility, so get involved and contact them if you would have any doubts on the website or any of its aspects.  So forget about stress and the loads of work you have to do because Ace Project will help you to sort them out.

Users can access Aceproject – Project management tool on their mobile platforms too. – Aceproject for Mobile