A beauty pageant/contest is something that focuses on the beauty of the people who participate in it. In many cases, these contests absorb the personality, intelligence, talent, the body structure/figure and their skill in exhibiting the leadership quality among others. These contests usually involve both women and girls and it also offers them a chance to gain more recognition among people.

Dana Byte, CEO and Promoter of Hotversus.com, has come up with an app designed with a great motivation. It helps individuals in the fashion or media industry to have a go against one another. Be it musicians, actresses or runway models, all of them can enrol to be a part of this. Individuals are asked to vote between 2 hot women in this game. Once you click the vote icon, you will be able to see the number of votes gained by each individual. You can continue voting to the next set of two people.

 I found myself that, this app is too addictive as you start voting for the beauties dressed in their elegant clothes. You can’t neglect yourself from watching the beauties dressed so wonderfully. I felt happier when I was able to cast vote for some of the woman I already admired on the big screen. You will definitely enjoy this game and you can also share the love by liking the twitter page, https://twitter.com/ByteDana .

This game is not to devalue anybody; it is just a sport like the kind of an old school free-for-all.  The overall rankings will be announced by the end of the year and a party is expected to be thrown to honour them all. Those who missed the opportunity this year can register for the upcoming year. All they need to do is to send a photo like the ones that appear on the game to [email protected].  They will be considered for this sweet battle the next year and who knows? That could be a turning point to most newbie’s of the industry. 

When they enrol for a pageant like this, the beauties enhance their societal connections, gain more self discovery, overcome issues with competitors, and make more friends and a lot more. These pageants bring out the best out of each woman and help them become a stronger influence over the society. This app dubbed as the octagon of Hotness gives women a window of opportunities in the entertainment world.