For businesses that develop commercial software, the risks of using and managing OSS in the incorrect way can have a very serious impact legally, technically, and business wise. Regardless of how big or how small an organization is, it is essential that these risks be avoided. While many companies manage these issues with Excel spreadsheets, the process can be difficult and time-consuming. WhiteSource is a solution that addresses the key requirements for OSS management. The solution focuses exactly on what must be done in order to avoid exposure and ensure compliance.


The solution’s main capabilities include

  • Workflow for reviewing and approving new OSS components
  • Identifying and tracking OSS components and their licenses
  • Reports and dashboards to control and audit risk and operational aspects

Automatic License Information Retrieval – When users add a library to their project repository, the solutions automatically identifies the license and the requirements for each dependent component present. This allows users to make more informed decisions as the solution reveals hidden license requirements and liabilities.

Open Source Inventory Management – WhiteSource enables users to maintain a repository of all their open source libraries including information about the licenses, the approvals and adoption processes etc. To create a new library, users have to simply drag and drag in into their project. While the solution stores information about the open source libraries the users may import, it never exposes the proprietary code to the servers.

Instant Audits – With WhiteSource, users will be able to generate instant audit reports that lost their organization’s risks, histories, OSS libraries, and related business processes. This way, clients will be able to equip themselves with the required information whenever a partner, investor or customer demands it.

Risk and Task Management Dashboard – The dashboard allows immediate assessment of review alerts and approval statuses from the community pertaining to the user’s OSS libraries. The intuitive dashboard provides an efficient means for managers to evaluate OSS risks and stay on top of OSS status within their organization.

Request and Approval Workflows – The easy-to-use, automated workflow facilitates easy submission and approval requests to use OSS libraries. In order to ensure a speedy audit, information related to the review and approval process is saved with each component.

Risk Analysis – WhiteSource assesses the commercial, technical, and legal risks associated with each library. The solution provides users with information about the type of license, the specific requirements involved, and the health of the community supporting it.

Privacy – WhiteSource operates in a multi-domain, secure architecture that is designed to keep information encrypted and safe from other users. The solution does not store any passwords on its website.

Free, Cloud-Based Service –The solution requires no maintenance, installation and costs. WhiteSource stores information only about Open Source licenses and hence the source code of the users will never be in the cloud.


WhiteSource is a simple, feature-packed solution that offers the following benefits:

  • Cost-efficient and simple to use
  • Ideal for organizations of all sizes
  • Lowers risk of vulnerabilities and defects
  • Minimizes risk to intellectual property
  • Supports M&A, OEM or due diligence
  • Ensures compliance with OSS licenses


For organizations that are striving to be proactive about managing their OSS, WhiteSource can be a very viable solution that you can leverage to avoid expensive license violations, lost business, and reverse-engineering.

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