Cloud File Mover is an easy to use ios application designed for Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud service provider for sharing various file formats across the globe. Dropbox maintains a version control and synchronization between the linked devices.
Cloud file mover for Dropbox provides an extensive support for moving the files between IOS devices and user’s Dropbox account. All we need for accessing this application is a Dropbox account. Even if anyone doesn’t have a Dropbox account users can create a free Dropbox account using this application which will provide 2GB of free space for storage. Using this application user can easily navigate to Dropbox folder and relocate the files using drag & drop. This application provides support to Move files, Copy files, Delete files, Rename files, View files, Edit files, Open & Close folders, Create New files & New folders, Organize files and folders.

This application has very simple look & feel and its more user friendly. The blue color of the application gives the exact feel of using the Dropbox. It has a help menu which is designed in a manner to guide the users and help them understand about the various features of the application. It also has a link to a video tutorial where the users can learn more about how really application is useful. Users have option to sort the files based on either name or file creation date just by taping on the name/date menu. The application uses the Wifi or data connection and provides service without any interruption.

In this application users have option to select photos from IOS Device’s photo library and upload to the Dropbox account. Users also have option to directly take a picture using the camera of IOS devices and use them directly for uploading to the Dropbox account. The application has a built in Image preview option with which users can preview the Images. Users have option to zoom the photos just by pinching the screen. Users also have option to download the photos from Dropbox account and they can save in Photo library of IOS devices. Users were provided option to select their favorite application to preview the Photos and other files. Users can also email the files using this application.

This app has a built in text editor with which any user can easily create a new text file and type some content or even the users can open any existing text files by just double clicking the text file. The text file will be opened in a text editor mode where users will have option to edit and save the file. Once the file is saved, it will be in sync with the Dropbox account by uploading it to the Dropbox account. This application supports to open PDF files as well and it will give various options to the users for emailing & option to open pdf files with any third party applications. This app has support for audio and video files available in Dropbox account with which users can download the file and preview the file without coming out of the application. Once the user closes the preview the control returns back to the application.

The Navigation of the folders using this application gives a tree directory structure which gives users a comfort feeling about the complete path of the file location. The Words Vehicle team has done an excellent job by providing the users with lot of options to use the Dropbox account in an effective way. The application can be very well improved by giving an option to access the entire file system of the IOS device, so that users will have easy access to upload any file to Dropbox account irrespective of the file location in IOS devices.

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