Developing and Marketing ios application is not a rocket science, but we need to know about basic things about both development and marketing side. When we start discussing about app marketing, we need to categorize into two, which means of “marketing a paid app”  and  “marketing a free app”. Let us see few tips on marketing a free iphone application.

1. Free should be a Needy one:

Most of the start up iphone app developers will develop and release the free app first to get user feed back and market trend. While making this kind of free app, developers should be aware of customer need. Remember one thing, not every free app will be downloaded by customers and no one wants to dump their iphone with unwanted apps. So do little research on market need, people interest before making free apps.

2. Use iPhone Community Forums:

you can find plenty of iphone groups and ipad community forums which need simple free user registration to proceed with. You can spread your free app details on app discussion portion of the forum with screen shots, app description and download link. Forums members would love to download it and most probably all the members of the forum had their own iphone to test your free app.  By the chance if they possess any blog, they will review your app on their blogs.

3. App Review Website:

There are some websites and blogs that will review your iphone apps. You guys simply need to submit your app details via their app submission form. Before proceeding this, do not forget to read their rules and regulations of the review procedure. Fill out all necessary things on the submission form. After submission do monitor their site regularly, when your app review published, you should spread it on social media.

4. YouTube App Reviews:

Some people maintaining the separate channel to market an iphone app. You can contact such persons to review your iphone free app and  ask them to publish their review video on their youtube channel. You can also use their review video to market your app, means publish that video on video marketing portals and blogs.

5. Social Media Groups

Social Media  is the place where you can meet like minded people in the form of groups and communities. Just join that kind of groups and ask the wide range of members to use your free app and let them know that their feed back is valuable to you.  Facebook and linkedin are the best media to find iphone related people. Hope you guys already familiar with those social networking sites, if you can try orkut too.

Author Bio:

Article By Thirumalairajan,  Working as an Internet Marketing Executive for has Studios – iphone app development company and AJ Square Inc – Software Consultancy Services.