Launch your peer to peer bit coin exchange and trading platform like Paxful. A Paxful clone software is a bitcoin exchange platform designed using an error free source code that is able to duplicate the features of Paxful. By using a paxful clone software, you can drive a lot of users to your platform and thereby generating instant revenue.

A paxful clone software also has many special features. Most of those are listed here.

Features of a Paxful clone software:

  • Escrow wallet: Helps in giving your clients a secure transaction between the buyer and the seller.
  • Proximity match: A proximity match lets the buyer and seller connect on a close proximity basis before displaying other relevant connectivity.
  • Dispute management: This feature lets the owner of the platform take care of any disputes that arises and makes sure that the platform is safe for users.
  • Slick UI: This optimizes the codes to increase the speed of the website on the computers and mobile.
  • Private messaging: Buyer and the seller can privately connect on the platform and message each other.
  • Two factor authentication: This helps in securing the trade accounts in your platform.
  • Native apps: Android and iOS enables users to trade offline and marks the transaction as complete even if they choose to pay for it in person.
  • Statistics: The administrator has a stat dashboard that addresses the things to take care and percentage of negative feedback for trades done on the platform.

Paxful clone software is essential for any Blockchain development company to effectively function on the market. It enables a smooth running of the website and also notifies the admin of any errors thus, enabling an error free platform.