More likely illustrated that referrals are powerful marketing tool for small businesses. Similar to any other business project, you require a plan for your referral program. Your plan must comprise the program’s field of eligibility, duration period, exclusive incentive structure, and proper execution.

The users might require allotting marketing budget towards promoting this offer online and offline. In addition, everyone in your team requires being aware of the program.

Focus for Quality Customer Service

Generally your work doesn’t end when you have successfully made a sale. If you need your customers to convey others about how splendid your product and service are, you first require making them realize that.

It is better to be in contact regularly with the customer post-sale, through regular emails, doing SMS, proper app notifications, etc. enumerating those offers and subsequent assistance. Also make responding to customer queries a major priority.

You can come across common queries to be asked on social platforms namely as Twitter and Instagram. So actively respond to those queries promptly and develop goodwill with your customers and strongly build a trustworthy brand image online.

Offering Incentive is Key

One could select to give a common incentive for all or develop a tier system with increasing rewards based on the number of referrals. Also depending on your business, select the appropriate incentive, which can comprise gift cards, vouchers, In-store Credits and special discounts.

Try to Make the Process Easy

It is suggested that simple referral process would certainly lead to more referrals. You could have a referral tab on your website, utilizing which customers can refer their friends with just one simple click. Find your active customers and use app notifications, website pop-ups, and extensively remind them of the rewards they could actually earn through your quality referral program.

Finally launch quality referral program, your best choice is to strongly focus on regularly engaging with your customers, offering best incentives based on their preferences, and attaining streamlined method to make prosperous referrals.

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