This app is actually something I’ve wondered for a long time if it would ever materialize – an app with cloud capabilities that doesn’t cost a fortune and can let you simply share files from mobile to Mac or PC or even tablet. Such an app does exist and it’s strange to think how I managed before it came out – I can be sat on my iPhone at lunchtime watching the latest episode of whatever new programme I’m watching, streaming it from my Mac that sits in my office at home.


Younity’s concept isn’t bold or brand new – the cloud came before it, as did the cumbersome Dropbox and the OneDrive. So it’s not really ground-breaking in that sense. But it does offer some cool new differences and they are much more preferable (in my opinion) than the other options.

It’s a Simple Idea, Simply Executed

A basic breakdown of the method used to get the system up and running is to download it onto your device (be it Android or iPhone – my devices are all iOS but it’s a cert that it runs the same on both). Download the software to your Mac, Laptop, computer, whatever – and let the sharing and streaming commence. This app is neat, clean and simple to use and a major factor that I’ve neglected to mention is that it’s free. Which is a massive plus considering its contents are that of a ‘paid for’ app or service. It’s also quick and easy set-up, just logging in either via Facebook, Google or an email if you choose neither of the other options.


Younity’s Features
So with that quick and easy setup, you can now stream movies, music, get photos from your Mac to your phone and vice versa. There’s the ability to share files, too – however, the shared files can’t be downloaded by the recipient, nor can they share them – this could be a good or bad point, depending on your uses for this product.
Neat features also include the ability to post stuff to social media via the app – so if you’re an Instagram fan, this app can let you get your pictures from home and share them on social media whilst you’re out and about. This app also has a chat feature so you and your Younity friends can talk whilst you share – a few of my friends have downloaded this on my recommendation, because we all are entertainment buffs and the idea of being able to share and stream for free was too much to pass up.


The Cons of  Younity

However, it’s not totally perfect – it does have flaws. Namely the buggy little glitches that do get annoying after a while – there’s only so many times you can see the ‘error’ message flash up when you’re wanting to show a friend something you have on your computer at home. This does happen sometimes, as well as a temporarily offline message. It never lasts long, but it’s still a bit annoying.


That being said it’s a great app with great features, and it’s free – even the paid for apps that offer similar services have glitches, so Younity still gets four stars from me.

Worth Having App – Download for IOS –  Download for Android