It is clear that winding routes appear quite challenging when it comes to motorcycling or even driving. It becomes difficult to navigate with ease especially if the road contains more undulations. This not only consumes time but can make a trip or tour quite tiresome especially if the driver or motorist doesn’t understand the navigations of that particular area. Since Guido Van Eijsden developed the amazing Scenic app, the travelers (especially motorists) have a reason to smile. This incredible app not only provides accurate navigation but also gives the user an opportunity to come up with new routes, register them, import or even export different routes to GPX. Interestingly, this amazing app is available for free for download. Why wait? Let that ride be a perfect one as Scenic app provides the navigation.

Functionality of the Scenic app

With amazing user-friendly interface that is quite intuitive, an individual will find this great app quite easy to operate. This app has proven to possess great capabilities by converting GPX routes into navigable ones. In order to achieve this navigation, the app has applied the use of voice guidance feature and turn-by-turn means and they have come out quite effective. Additionally, the voice navigation can now be accessed in 21 different languages. When it comes to language adoption, this version 1.27 of Scenic app operates with either English or Dutch language. With the recent fixing of the bug problem, its overall performance has highly improved making it simply the best navigation apps available.

Compatibility of Scenic app

Since the recent update on 29th July, 2016, Scenic app has continued to display exceptionally high performance; this is mostly attributed to the high quality features that are consistently updated on this app. For its operations to continuously run smoothly, this app requires a great platform. Thus best devices needed for this app include iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. On the other hand, Scenic app will operate well with iOS 9.3 or any new version of operating system.


Distinct Features displayed by the Scenic app

Track and Record the trip

When an individual has installed this amazing app, it offers the capability of perfectly tracking the routes during navigation. This is really essential due to the fact that it can enable the user to generate database of such routes for future reference. The ability to record such routes also makes it easy to easily identify different location points.

Share the trip routes with fiends

Once the user of the Scenic app has been able to properly track the routes and established the perfect navigation, such information can be shared to friends on social sites. Scenic app facilitates such a process which may be useful for those planning to travel.

Create personal routes from scratch

As a motorist, one can opt to tour a new or unique location which may not have the already-established navigation route. With Scenic app, the user can decide to generate routes from the scratch and establish location points. The voice navigation can also assist greatly in providing the needed information.

Importing and exporting of GPX routes allowed

When it comes to the issue of importing the GPX track or route, it becomes quite easy to perform using the Scenic app. The user can then proceed to create navigable routes from the imported tracks. On the other hand, an individual can create tracks and export them to GPX.


Access synced information from linked devices

This amazing feature works really perfect as one can easily link Scenic app on different personal mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone. With such great integration, the user can easily perform different related functions from the app, for instance in navigation and in establishing different routes.

Get offline maps for easy route navigation

The user will be required to use offline maps when it comes to tracking different navigable routes. Interestingly, the maps are well presented and come with different color schemes where the user can choose from them. This makes the Scenic app quite easy to use.

Notable Added Features

Here are some of the new features that have been integrated in version 1.27 of Scenic app; they include improvement in user-friendly features, introduction of Dutch language, 21 added languages for voice navigation and support for route export to GPX and bug fixes.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons identified in the Scenic app:


· Improved functionality thus making it efficient

· A unique experience in navigation

· Data provided by app are accurate and reliable

· Amazing user-friendly approach applied

· Colorful schemes applied makes the display attractive


· Mild performance noted when app not updated

· GPS feature drains battery faster. Beware!

Final Verdict

It is evident that a fantastic navigation experience (whether it is a trip or tour) await ardent motorists who are ready to try out the highly-developed Scenic app. The amazing features that have been incorporated are a clear indication that the users’ needs will be absolutely met. Get this truly-defined app for free from the App Store today!

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