Have you ever been on holiday and become convinced you’re showing up routinely in other people’s snaps? Have you ever headed off to a tourist hotspot, found the perfect set up for a shot, and realised your smartphones just run out of battery or you’ve forgotten your camera? Have you ever held the camera for a happy couple and thought you did a pretty decent job? Unfortunately, it’s pretty impossible to track down those kind of snaps, right? They’re out there somewhere, but finding them would be impossible. Well, enter FindYou Photos, an app which aims to let people track down photos using a new set of rules. It’s smart, it’s free, and it’s out now for iOS.

The traditional way people find photos is through tagging. Not that there’s anything traditional about it; the practise is only about a decade old. But in the fast-changing world of digital technology, tagging is a tried-and-tested method of including friends, companions, brands and companies in your online shots. FindYou brings something new to the table, a revolutionizing way of searching out photos using time, date and place as parameters. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a photo from yesterday or fifty years ago; with FindYou Photos, you’ll be able to track down specific shots with ease.

The app’s interface is simple to engage with and uncluttered. You sign up via Facebook or email, and within a couple of minutes, you can begin searching photos or uploading your own. FindYou Photos is a wonderful take on our photo-mad world, which allows you to search out shots that you might not have even known you were part of. Any event you attended, or any trip you took which involved cameras, simply search out the relevant terms on the app, and it’ll lead you to a collection of photos taken at that time. You can then download the ones you like for safe-keeping, or add to the moment by uploading photos of your own from the event or place in question.

FindYou Photos allows users to engage with photography in a whole new way. By thinking outside the box, the developers behind the app have introduced a ingenious new way for photographers or subjects to sift through the mountains of online photography and find the shots that matter to them. Join this photo sharing revolution and seek out FindYou Photos at the App Store today!