iOS 6 has finally hit the market with its mind-blowing features. Developing new apps and getting them approved by Apple is never an easy task. It is a known fact that several apps get rejected and Apple takes a long time to approve the best apps. Developers can make the best use of iOS 6 to create new apps. Passbook can be used to provide loyalty cards and tickets. Explore the maps in Mapkit, the new camera, In-App purchase, Reminders, Game Centre and others. Before launching your app, you will have to agree with the contracts and also present your bank and tax details. This has to be strictly performed in iTunes Connect. There are several other things that you need to follow before launching an iOS app.

Install iOS 6

iOS 6 has several interesting features which allow you to develop iOS app. If you have any other operating system, upgrade it to iOS 6. Visit the Mac App store and download Xcode 4.5 along with iOS6 SDK.

Develop and Design

Explore iOS thoroughly and make the best use of them in your app. Design an interface that is user-friendly. Although high resolution displays are built-in the system frameworks, you need to optimize your app to provide a retina display with high resolution. The idevices like iPod touch and iPhone 5 have a large retina display giving you 18% more pixels. Take advantage of the large screen and include 340×1136 pixels new image. Optimize you app and make use of the below mentioned enhancements:

  • Map Kit

Use Map Kit in your app which has unlimited information. It provides various types of directions including subway routes, bike path, hiking trails and the like. If you like to launch a routing app, make sure to add the routing app cover file when submitting to the App store.  Map kit can also be added to the existing apps.

  • Social Integration

Knowing the importance of social networks, you can include Facebook support in your app. The single “sign on” capability which is new can be used in your app. Enable Facebook to share media and Facebook sheets so that customers can post contents on their Facebook account wall.

  • Event Kit

Use this to modify and access reminders in the app. Due dates and priorities can be assigned in the Event Kit. Time and location based alarms can be optimized.

The other enhancements include Pass Kit, In-App Purchase, Game Kit, Camera, iCloud, Collection Views, Auto Layout, State Preservation and Action Sheet.

Build and Test

If you have existing apps in the Mac App Store which were built using older versions like iOS 5 SDK, you can run them on iOS 6. However, test the existing apps on iOS 6 to make sure that the apps do not have compatibility issues. iOS 6  works with the fourth and fifth generation idevices and so including the new launch image is mandatory.


Apps that are presented to the Mac App Store are reviewed under strict surveillance. The factors that are taken into consideration are design, content and the technical criteria. Therefore, keep close watch on these while developing an app. The Xcode 4.5 comes into the picture now; use this to validate and submit your iOS app to iTunes Connect.

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