Almost 40,000 people were killed on US roads in 2020, the highest number since 2007. Road safety is more important than ever, and it’s nice to see innovative apps like TrypScore working to make our roads safer.

TrypScore is essentially a driver safety app that rewards you for, well, driving safely! It analyzes a series of metrics including acceleration, braking, steadiness, speed and whether you’re using your phone while driving.

There are a ton of ways to earn points. While driving safely is the main way to earn points, there are also daily tryvia quizzes where you can earn more points if you get a perfect score. Pyns are physical locations where, if you drive close to them, they’ll give you points, exclusive offers and entries to competitions. There was a Drive Free for a Year competition, so the rewards for driving safely are worthwhile!

In the spirit of competition, you’ll be able to see how you fare against, friends, family, drivers in your region and worldwide, too! If you’re concerned that you don’t drive much so the app wouldn’t be worth it, don’t be – there are generous weekly challenges so even infrequent drivers can earn good rewards.

So if you’re a safe driver, why not earn rewards for it? And if you’re committed to becoming a better driver, a little extra motivation won’t hurt. If you’re interested, check out the app on iOS and Google Play today!