We all might love to read and at times, we may not find a perfect place or time to get to read them. When we get some time to read, we might not have the bank in hand. Gone are those days where we run to the store to purchase books and keep it with us. As readers we all have moved to the era of smart phones and tablets. Books are of many kinds and if you enjoy reading mysteries, then you shouldn’t miss this one. Yes, the app Sophrosyne has stories that would be best suitable for all mystery lovers.

Sophrosyne is an official app that is available for all those who love reading mystery stories. Launched on November 2, 2019, it belongs to the News and Magazines category and has ten commute length stories. It gives you a series of short stories that you can read on your smartphone anytime and anywhere. 

The app talks about the story of the detective Hubert Maimone who solved a series of bizarre deaths that all led back to him. We will never guess how, unless we read the entire tale. To Conquer Heaven is yet another story full of action where ‘Indiana Jones’ meets ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ and you can get to read this story on purchase via the app.

You can find gripping short stories written by the author Felix Long in Sophrosyne. Inspired by many authors like HP Lovecraft, PG Wodehouse and Barbara Kingsolver, Felix Long has written many short stories that you can find on the official website, https://felixlong.co.uk/. His first book is Conquer Heaven and he is currently re-writing Habnab and will soon start on Huldufolk Magic. He has also planned to write another three books after that.

The interface of Sophrosyne is very neat and it is easy to use. All that you must do is to click on the book you want to read and there you go. It is one e-book with convenient reading experience and different app options.

It is suitable for all those above 16 years of age and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices and comes at a price of $2.99. It is rare that we see a new app like this that sets a standard for an entire category of books. Sophrosyne is one of its kinds and is something that you shouldn’t miss as it definitely satisfies your thirst for mystery reading.

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