Iphone and ipad games are becoming great entertaining medium which we can  have always with our hands. People are started searching for different games with innovative ideas to play on their iphone. Developers are initiated developing games which can be able to attract all kind of people in market. In this research, they found most of the people still ,wish to play the hidden object game.

Hidden object game niche is always interesting to play for all age group of people, it is even more interesting if there will be a magnificent story line behind it. Yes, story line behind the game always plays the major role in game success in market. Especially kids loves the story of the game if it is like a fairy tale.

DragonDance is one of the most sold hidden object game for iphone, ipad, and ipod touch devices and available on Apple store for download. Lets have little review on this iphone game. Story line of the dragondance game as follows.

Edward is a hero of the story and  has started his journey to find the dragondance treasure where resides at mysterious place. As per his father’s final wish, he  has to travel across more places to reach that treasure. The cool images and sound tracks while traveling attracts the players. In DragonDance game graphics plays the major role.

On the way to travel, Edward has to find more hidden object as instructed in the game to reach next level successfully. Developers have made really wonderful hidden objects suitable for the scenes and real challenge for the players to cross next level.  The game is all about how Edward has to make his adventure travel to find hidden treasure as per his father’s wish.

Really worth buying hidden object game and of course a feast to HO game lovers on iphone.


Customer Rating:   *  *  *  *  *

It is a nice hidden objects game with well-crafted graphics and storyline. It definitely worth a second look. – BillyJon (Buyer at Apple store)

Worth Adventure game to buy –  Download the Game