We come to know that the giant firm Google announced a new ranking factor that will be expected to roll out probably in few months from now, and one need optimizing your site to maintain, or rise, your rankings in the search results. New Ranking Factor coming soon and it is going to be major alert for online businesses all over the world.

It is noted that organic rankings are something online businesses always long for. Also organic rankings drive the most traffic and are free of cost. In addition one doesn’t have to pay a single amount of money, and you’ll get a significant traffic flow to your website.

Organic rankings need your website’s optimization according to the search engine guidelines and ranking factors. One must follow the top practices for your site optimization to win the top organic rankings. Search engines always try to provide the good browsing experience to users, and that’s why they keep updating their algorithm, webmaster guidelines, and ranking factors.

These below ranking factor will immensely focus on your site’s user experience and uses want to make it the best. They have few parameters to analyze your site and conclude if you are suitable for users or not.

Factor of Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

LCP factor simply measures the time your website takes to show the largest content in the viewport, ready for absolute interaction. It also even tracks the website’s first fold without scrolling and analyzes how fast your website loads the maximum content completely.

Execution of First Input Display (FID)

This best metric will wholly focus on the interactivity of your site. FID will surely track how fast your site becomes ready and functional for the first user action.

It is seen that most of the sites don’t respond to user actions like click or touch for a significant time which spoils the user experience. Also you require optimizing your site such that it becomes ready for interaction as soon as possible.

Illustration of Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

This reputed metric CLS will professionally focus on the visual stability of your website. In addition when the website loads, there are many elements loading simultaneously and the layout changes accordingly. Primarily the users have to wait till the website gains its stability in order to interact.

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