BBF (Burp, Belch & Fart) it is an offline game that brings in humorto the user. It is basically Good Childish Fun! The game is developed and sold bythe Pure Fusion Media. It was launched on 21st august 2017.Its currently on Version 1.0 and operates in English. It is capable to operate on a IOS device version 8.0 or higher.

Features include:

The participant simply taps on the buttons activated in sequence so as to animated the game characters as they perform funny actions of belching, sneezing, burp and farting.

There’s a presence of characters such as Backyard Bob, Dylan,Dejon, Selfie Sasha, Sammy and Jonsey The Alien.

The 6 outrageous Characters perform such actions:

Backyard Bob: Belch, Burp, Fart.

Dylan: Belch, Burp, Fart, Sneeze.

Dejon: Belch, Burp, Fart, Sneeze.

Selfie Sasha: Belch, Burp, Fart, Sneeze, Snort.

Sammy: Belch, Burp, Fart, Sneeze.

Jonsey The Alien: Belch,

Burp, Fart, Sneeze, Snort.

The game-play involves picking up Burp, you belch and Fart at any time so as to dive in action.

Moreover, the game gets more challenging as one moves through the levels with the sequence becoming longer and more difficult to recall. The faster you click on the sequence the more the bonuses are awarded and more
funny phrases.

The player gets the advantage to use one character to the other in different stages with Backyard Bob begin the simplest and Jonsey The Alien the most difficult stage.

Throughout the progress one is awarded scores that are indicate on the right top side of the device. Indicated using a green element and a red love heart on the top left side.

Whenever one performs poorly there’s a gradual decrease on the total score of the participant. Furthermore, if one is efficient enough bonus are allocate to him/her.

The game requires that there’s audible sound so that player performer more effectively. Since each of the five functions has its own unique sound produced.


Improves and builds once memory skillset.

The game is simple but addictive.

Breaks boredom.

It builds up a sequence in which an individual Belch, Burp, Fart,
Sneeze or Snort.

Its enhances once individual behavioral character.

It is hilarious

Out stretches one’s ability to be creative.

Builds one concentration while performing actions.

Improves one’s time sequencing.

It builds up fun.

One easily plays without data.

Disadvantage or Cons

It is addictive to individuals.

The Characters are not appealing.

Sound produced may be distractive to some people.

It demands one’s attention and time.

It has a short span of stages.

One cannot operate without the sound.

Difficult for some young baby’s.

It seems embarrassing to an older age bracket.

Not compatible with ISO of lower version than 8.0.

The game cannot be game on a multiplayer mode.

The game is the most interesting app game yet with an appealing name on abbreviations that can be easily mistake of Best Friend Forever game. Its name is a true definition of what the game entails. It builds up a character on someone and also the young ones mostly. All actions involved are what basically happens on young ones.

It will be of great use mostly to the lactating mothers so that their young ones can have fun while there been breast feed or even feed.

Lastly Everyone take charge Download! Belch! Burp! Fart! Sneeze! Snort!

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