This vibrant iphone glitters with several expedient features for the global users. It has exclusive way to connect with people on the spot. They professionally connect you through blue tooth with others that match your profile and criteria setting via Invite Cards.

In general with this potent iphone application you can able to work even if you are at a night club, a social event or a business meeting this potent app would find and send to your phone that individuals’ photo and matching information based on your criteria settings. If you are searching for a date or if you are looking to connect with someone in your field of work, this expedient app will do just that.

If you accept the Invite the persons then professionally profile would be automatically saved in your phone book and to your Blu Connect list. It is possible to Spot the person in the crowd and walk up to them or call them later. Hence by this potent iphone application meeting the right people at the right time is what this app is all about.

Among several potent iphone applications this app will be the coolest app is now available. If once you accept an invitation that individuals details will automatically be saved in your phones Contacts and Blu Connect list. In case if you can include more than one particular criteria in each field, for instance if you have more than one hobby, profession.

It is said that the iPhone 4g users should apply and run in the background continuously as they multi task while the iPhone 3g users must have the application running in order for it to “search and connect”. Eventually this potent iphone application serves pragmatically for the global users.

Customer Review:

Rating : * * * * *

Love the idea that I will be able to meet business minded people and make friends at the same time. Two thumbs up!!!!! – By Syaddula

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