Bounty Sports is a new fantasy sports app built for the casual or busy fan. Don’t have the time to commit to traditional fantasy sports? Then Bounty Sports is the app for you, it’s available to download on iOS now!

The app is different to typical fantasy sports app in a few ways.

Firstly, it’s built to be casual and accessible. No need to spend time managing teams of players – with Bounty Sports you simply choose a team to win and earn points based on the result. You get one point if a favorite wins, and more if an underdog does. It’s simple.

Because there’s no team management, you can make your daily picks in just a couple of minutes. Play at the coffee shop, on the way to work or relaxing at home on the sofa, it doesn’t require any effort! It also means that you don’t need to continually micro-manage your team and adjust after each game.

Committing to a fantasy competition for an entire season can be a big ask. Bounty Sports has daily competitions, so whether you are a regular or occasional player, you have the same chance of winning a prize. It’s all based on how your picks do on any given day!

If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced fantasy sports app with amazing daily prizes, check out Bounty Sports on iOS!