A New Frontier in iPad Gaming Opens Up with 888poker Mobile HD!


The gaming universe is enjoying the latest craze in mobile entertainment:  iPad poker games.  Poker players throughout the world are honing in on this enticing mobile platform.  A top-tier iPad poker app has now been launched by the world’s premier online poker room. The result is an iPad poker experience par excellence. This groundbreaking app, known as 888poker Mobile HD, is free and has been made available to all players across the UK.  The only necessity is a valid UK iTunes account, and you’re good to go.  Additionally, an easy to use and fully functioning iPhone app version is currently being developed.  In the near future, quality poker games will be available via the 888poker App for all iPhones.

What to Expect with the 888poker iPad App

This cutting edge poker app can be used on a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.  Players have the choice of a 6-seater or 9-seater cash game when they use the 888poker iPad app.  The hi-tech 888poker app offers several versions of Texas Hold’em.  The challenging variations include Pot Limit (PL), Fixed Limit (FL) and No Limit (NL) games.

For Novices and Experienced Players Alike

888poker launched the exciting Android Versionin the summer of 2012.  The user-friendly lobby offers a Beginners Lobby and a Cash Lobby.  New poker players enjoy the easy gaming of the Beginners Lobby, which makes poker enjoyable and comfortable from the player’s very first game onward.  For those players who enjoy cash games, the Cash Lobby comes with the challenge of flexible betting stakes.  Game type and table type are two of the gaming options open to all players.  Poker gaming options were tailored  for the sole purpose of enhancing player satisfaction.  One attractive feature of the 888poker iPad app is the large variety of betting choices.  The range of bets begins at just $0.03/$0.06 and ends at $3/$6.

888poker Mobile HD is the Ticket to Big Showdowns!

This quality poker platform provides S&G tournaments that are easily and conveniently enjoyed on iPads.  Presented players can go for gold with 15 x guaranteed Omaha Pot Limit (PL) tournaments, as well as Texas Hold’em No-Limit (NL) tourneys. These exciting options are available with the exciting 888poker iPad app.  Players are required to use the selfsame password and user name of their 888poker account for their iPad poker games.

The icing on the cake is a generous $8 worth of FREE CREDITS that awaits players at 888poker Mobile HD.  These Free Credits are given to all new players, since the focus of the 888poker iPad app is maximum player enjoyment.  Players can use the free cash to boost their bankrolls while playing the games they love!