So, you have a huge crush on someone and want to ask them out to a date. The hard part is that you don’t know how to do it. Well, this is quite normal. A lot of people have been in your place and have found their own solutions to these problems. Since someone has already been there, it makes sense to ask them for help right? This is the underlying concept of Textpert, an iOS app. This app uses crowdsourcing to give you the best things to text your crush and ask him or her out on a date! Summon all the Textperts to help you out!


This app is meant to be a game changer in the lives of many people. After all, crushes can be quite unpredictable and finding the right text to send them can be quite a Herculean task. This is why you need the opinions of those who have been through this before and get options from them. The responses you get will range from creative to witty to romantic to cheesy and what not. After that, picking one is your choice as per the situation.


There are so many dating apps in the market that use matching algorithms to help you find the most perfect match for you. If you take a bold step and start texting them, it won’t be long before you find yourself tongue tied. This is where Textpert comes to your rescue. Using the app is quite simple. All you have to do is take a screenshot of the conversation with your crush at the point where you need texting help and send it on the app. With this, you need to add a bit of background about your relationship and then simply wait. You will then get texting advice from the experts in no time. A few minutes tops. Once this is done, you can use those texts to win over your crush and ask him or her out on a date.


Another aspect of the app is showing your Textpert skills. If you think you are good with words and text messages and can woo your crush easily, then prove the same by helping others out. Give advice to those who need it and are in dire need of help. When you give advice, you get rated by those that use your advice. The point is to climb up the charts and show your mettle. Can you be the ultimate Textpert?

Today, it has become very commonplace to text and ask out your crush. At times, this can be quite annoying since you don’t know what to say and might have to wait for long for your crush to respond. Love is something everyone must experience. Textpert is here to help you with that. It is available for free download in the App Store. The app is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch, requiring iOS 7.0 or higher. This is not one to miss for sure!

Good: Objective texting advice in minutes

Bad: None

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