There are some games that are so easy and addictive that they merely help you kill time. on the other hand, there are a set of games that push your skills to the limit and test where you stand in terms of your skills. The second type is the one that inspire you to push yourself to greater heights, polish your skills and excel at what you do. One such game is Smoosh Ball, an Android app that will put your skills to test.


The aim of the game is quite simple. You have to guide the main character through various levels, each of which is strewn with a variety of dangers. Smoosh’s boat has crashed on a mysterious unknown land. You have to help out the funny and cute smoosh ball make his way back home safe and sound. Can you get him home to safety?

There are lots of unknown lands that you will have to cross on your way home. You have to make your hero jump on different platforms and in different situations to earn coins. There are so many dangers that you will have to face. Your goal is to aim well and guide the jumps of Smoosh ball.


The crux of this game lies in proving your shooting and aiming skills to everyone. You must prove your accuracy in controlling Smoosh as you guide him along different platforms. It takes a lot of skill to control him and keep him safe. At the same time, you must determine the power of the jump and its trajectory with a swipe of your finger. Even the slightest mistake can land you in huge trouble. You must not let him fall at any cost. It is your responsibility to get him home safe and protect him from all sorts of dangers.


This app game has lots of rewards to be won. As you jump platforms, you must watch out for Smoosh coins on your way. Collect as many coins as you can. These coins can then be used to unlock a variety of characters. The challenge is to beat the high score of all your friends and see how far you can go. Keep going, scoring higher and become the Master of Smoosh ball. There are exciting prizes to be won for those who record the highest scores and top the leader boards.

The graphics of the game are unique and add an exciting and adventurous feel to the game. They create an air of mystery and adventure that is just perfect for the app theme and concept. The characters are really cute and adorable too. To top all this, the user interface and game play are very simple and intuitive as well. The combination of all of these makes Smoosh Ball a game worth giving a shot. The Android app is available for free download in the App Store. It is compatible with all Android devices having Android 2.3 or higher versions. If you are looking for some excitement and adventure to test your skills, this game is just perfect.

Good: Excellent Graphics, easy to use interface

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App