In this age of technology, each and every movement can be captured. Most of the stunts and even the biggest of achievement and fails can be seen over and over once it is captured on video, and the best part is that it can be uploaded and watched by billions of people worldwide. This is why a new application has been made for video sharing and uploading, the SWISH Video application.

There are numerous people who tired of irrelevant posts in other social media sites and applications, there are those who just want to be able to watch their favorite videos in peace without relentless advertising, news overload, and selfies of people that you follow. This new application is for those who wants to watch videos without any distraction.
SWISH Video is an app for iOS that is specifically made to show and deliver incredible short videos that are designed and created just for your entertainment. It is made to make it easier for you to stream and watch the best videos online in just a tap of your finger and it also gives you an area to discover amazing personalized videos that is based on your interest and what you want to watch.

The main mission of this application is to be able to deliver the best, most creative and most entertaining videos from around the world while giving you the control and option in making your own video library.

Downloading the application is fairly easy, you will be asked to select three of your favorite categories from their library, these include action, cute animals, comedy and other videos that you can try to watch and explore. You can also watch videos about the different places in the world, the latest fashion trends, different cuisine, music, sporting events, scenes from your favorite movies and tv shows and more. You can view the videos on full screen and watch them on landscape mode.


· It has a wide range of videos that you can choose from

· No advertisements that can distract you from watching

· You can build your own video library

· Videos are on HD and can be viewed full screen


· Too similar to Youtube

· Videos are too short

· You will need an updated phone in order to download the app

Overall, the SWISH Video application will give you all the entertainment that you want. The videos that are contained in the video library of the application are already the compilation of the best videos around the world that will guarantee to make you smile. You won’t have to go through series of videos just to find the right one for you, it has the right amount of entertainment, comedy, action and more. The best part is you can contribute to the increasing number of videos of the application, because you can upload your own favorite videos. You can also rate and like the videos that you have watched and the application will even give you suggestions based on what you watched and liked.

Worth Having App – Download the App