In today’s hectic life, having a healthy body is not a piece of cake. However, we try our best to do so by setting goals or taking up a New Year resolution but end up eating French fries, tacos, brownies and many other unhealthy foods. So we can conclude that it is too hard to stick to a healthy diet plan. With the intention of tackling this problem, Suggestic came to the market.

Suggestic is an Automated Nutrition Coach powered by artificial intelligence that helps you to control your diet, sleep, stress level and also helps you to incorporate healthy habit and fitness routine that leads to a better and healthy life.

Suggestic is constantly uploading your progress and make the changes in the suggestion accordingly. Hence, Suggestic is highly personalized app. Also, it is worth noting that the result of the app improves with the continuous usage. The app is very helpful for those who are suffering some medical issues such as diabetes.

The app is a game changer when it comes to sticking to a diet. The app itself has some features which facilitate the user to track nearby restaurant and recommends user items from its menu. Suggestic also helps the user by giving a meal suggestion, personalizing grocery list and also provide snack option.

The app is very easy to use. The user has to download this app from the iTunes, login or sign up for their account by just providing name, email id, and password. Then the app asks some questions to the user which are recommended to answer more correctly as it directly affects the personalization of the app. Also, the more information you provide better results you get.

After the initial process, the user is asked to set up goals in which user has to define whether he wants to eat healthier or wants to tackle any specific health problem. Then the user is asked the dietary questions which will have a direct impact on the suggestions. The app also has a feature to restrict a specific food if you are allergic to it. The app also provides a million of recipes according to the dietary questions answered and the restriction. This approach is very useful as the user can try various recipes which are healthy making the diet plan easy to follow. This feature makes the process of controlling diet more fun as compared to the traditional method where there were too many restrictions.

Thus, using the app the process of achieving a healthy lifestyle can be made easier and interesting. The app is itself a diet expert on user’s mobile phone. Above all the app is totally free. So download the app and take a step towards a healthier and a better life.


– Very high level of personalization help in achieving better results.

– A variety of recipes makes the process of controlling diet less boring.

– Suggests food items from a nearby restaurant.

– The restriction feature is extremely useful for those who are allergic to a specific food.

– Helps the user to define its own goals.

– Continuous changes based on the current health condition of user help to improve results.


– Some feature such as restaurant suggestion does not work outside the boundary of the United States

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