It’s a busy life we are leading and there are lots of things to remember throughout the day. The ordinary reminder service on your phone is not advanced enough to store all things and in case you go for a professional one, you need to spend a lot. However, iPhone users have a solution now, download Speak2Do version 2.0 developed by A.Yosher Engineering and make your life easier. You can set voice reminders for so that you don’t forget important meetings and appointments. With minimum clicks, you can set timers and organize your regular activities. Moreover, there is no need to type the names of the reminders.

•    It is an easy to install application through iTunes and requires only 5.2 MB space.
•    You can easily group the reminders and view them. This will organize your busy schedule with ease. Create folders and put memos in the same folder.
•    You can add memos and photos to your reminders. This makes it fast for you to realize you have an appointment when you see your phone ringing.
•    You can customize your memos according to the needs.
•    The new version enables you to attach text and photos with the reminder you set. You can make notes and to-do lists by using your voice.
•    The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad and it requires iOS 5.0 or later.
•    You can set the alarm for a specific time and also get notification of the location you are in.
•    You can pause the recording in between and also use other tools and supports.
•    More icons give more user support as things can be operated with a single click.
•    The voice reminders can be recorded within seconds. You just need to tap the button once.
•    Another intelligent feature about this app is “in a meeting” mode. If you switch this mode on, your phone will automatically understand that you’re busy, and your memos will not be played out loud.
•    The voice notes are compatible with Bluetooth headsets. So, you can even listen to them while you’re driving.
•    Sync the memos and to-do lists with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.


Speak2Do app is very good if you remain busy throughout the day. Unlike other apps for memos and notes, it is less time consuming. You don’t need to click dozens of buttons just to record one note. Use this app while doing some important work and you don’t have much time to type. No naming required. So these memos are automatically organized. You can even make folders for your own convenience. You can even send the memos via email.


The only drawback is that if you want to delete your old memos, you’ll have to listen to each one of them, as you cannot name them.


In all, Speak2Do is a good app. You can use it anytime anywhere. Rather than downloading other memo-recording apps that are time-consuming, go for Speak2Do. Just click one button, record the voice note/memo/to-do list and it’ll automatically get saved. Get birthday and event updates from your social networking accounts without much effort. The graphics and display options you get are, too, impressive.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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