Yoga is one of the ancient Indian health techniques that has equal relevance and importance even today. With the side effects of other health techniques coming to light, yoga is gaining in popularity as it is very beneficial to one’s health and overall well-being. It is being opted for by many people today as its beauty is coming to the limelight. If you have had an interest in learning yoga techniques and have been looking for instructors, then you will have found out that it is not very easy to find good instructors and to incorporate yoga classes into your daily schedule.

The All-in Yoga iOS app is for all those who want yoga at their own convenience and cannot spend huge amounts of money on yoga instructors. There is nothing like learning yoga by seeing it with your own eyes. Most people cannot make time for live classes and hence the only other good viable option is yoga apps. All-in Yoga is one among the best in this list.

You can sync your mind, body and soul with this app and keep your health going good and strong. The lifestyle today is very hectic and you need a break for a while everyday to renew your energy and focus on your goals. Yoga is what you need. You will fins methods and excellent techniques to help you relieve stress, deep breathing, relax properly, exercise, and meditate. This app has all you can get from a live class and is complete in the teaching experience it offers you.

The all-in Yoga app has many features that make it so special and unique. The user interface has been made very simple and user-friendly. If you are unable to decide about which program to choose, there is a special algorithm to help you make this decision- keeping in mind your goals, experience with yoga and the time you have to spare. Every pose has a translation from its native language Sanskrit so that it can be more accessible and understandable.

The data has been arranged in alphabetical order and even as per the type and level of difficulty, being made available as visual, text and also as voice. There are over 300 yoga poses that you will find in this app, ranging from those for beginners to those for yogis and experienced persons. There is a timer to help you stay better focused and see how well you can do by checking the time for which you can hold a given pose.

If you are a beginner and have no clue about yoga terminology or poses, then you can begin at the beginner level and progress at your own pace. Every pose has a guide with videos, audio and pictures to take you along each pose, with each step explained in detail. You can create or select a program of your choice as per your convenience too. And if you think you are missing out on a lot by not going for live classes, then you shall find all the live support you need in this app too. Its music tracks will soothe your mind, while the poses will restore you to good health and well being.

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