Squared-A game of Speed, is an application released on the seventh of March, 2017 by 3L Enterprises LLC. It is available only on IOS devices, that being the Iphone, Ipod touch and the Ipad. Your device has to have IOS 10.2 or later to support the application. It is a very addictive game, I have had it on my Ipad for three days and I am quite hooked to it. I like it because it is centered at challenging the player’s reaction speed. The objective in this game is to tap all the green squares while racing against the clock. There are also purple squares that you should avoid touching at all costs. It is game over as soon as you tap a purple square.The green squares have a tick in them while purple squares have an X in them. This game is actually not as simple as it seems.

When starting out, the game is pretty simple and you finish each level much ahead of time. However, the more you play, the harder the game gets and the more adrenaline rush you get. Trying to avoid the purple squares while keeping a sharp eye for the clock is quite challenging. It is a pretty simple game to grasp as there is just a few objectives. The only tasks being avoiding the purple squares and time running out. Because of its simple overlay, it is suitable for all age groups. It is fine for kids as it improves their thinking and reflexes. It is also great for adults in that it has just a few tasks so it makes a good past time activity. So whether you are stuck in traffic or lacking sleep, it is a good way to keep your mind engaged.

Squared-A Game of Speed also has in-app purchases. One being to get rid of ads to make your playing more enjoyable. It costs about $1.99 to remove the ads completely. It also has another in-app purchase to enable you continue in your current level in the event of time running out before you complete the level, it costs $0.99. The game’s leaderboard is one of the things that captivates the most. You are always in a rush to finish the fastest against your friends or to reclaim lost glory in the leaderboard’s top spots.

Below is a list of the pros and cons in this amazing game.

– Simple gameplay.
– Great for the whole family.
– Regular updates.
– In app purchases for better gameplay experiences.
– Small storage usage.

– Ads.
– Expensive in-app purchases.

I rate this game highly because of its simple but addictive nature. It is a new game and so far, all ratings and reviews are positive. The main reason I like this game is because I can play it anytime, anywhere. You also do not need soundplay to comfortably play Squared, so you can privately play it silently but still have a great time. I am eagerly waiting for the next version of this game. I highly recommend this game to anyone.

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