With the era of smartphones and tabs, we all are fond of creating and editing videos. It gives us a lot more pleasure when we can make them look the way we want and post them on social media. Though there are several editing apps on the Store, only a few of them are very useful. One app that I recently downloaded is Clideo.

Given by Softo Limited, Clideo belongs to the Photo and Video category and it is completely free for download. The app allows you to compress your videos, edit them, cut and resize them as per your wish. Users can also merge the videos, create memes out of it and make slideshows of their photos and videos along with some music. 

Clideo gives you endless possibilities when it comes to making videos on par with your imagination. It is being trusted by more than 4 million users every month with its plethora of video editing options. The app has about 90 presets for every post and ad type. It also has options that allow you to edit the height and width of the videos and set 18 different colours or blur the background and do a lot more. The different crop options on the video help you fill the whole frame or fit in completely.

Clideo allows you to crop and resize videos for the most popular social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat. It can be downloaded for free and the pro version of Clideo comes for $9 per month and at $72 per year. Users can save more dollars when they choose for an annual subscription. The app requires iOS 12.2 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The latest version of the app has come with improved video saving and more convenient support requests.

The app is so neatly designed and is easy to use. Loop, stop motion, reverse, meme and speed are the other options available in the application and it adds a more different perspective to the way we edit videos. If you have any queries regarding the software, you can get them answered through the contact form on the website. The team of Clideo is happy to provide you with all the information you need.

This all-in-one software comes with a wide range of video-editing tools and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who loves makes videos for social media. Download the app today and create the videos in your imagination without any limitations.

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