With the proliferation of Smartphones integrated with high-megapixel cameras, photography has become a routine at social gatherings everywhere. Camera phones revolutionized preservation of memories and made it an effortless and enjoyable task. While indulging in amateur photography, we have to go through the ordeal of sharing pictures with each and every person afterwards. This is why the developers of Shoto decided to work on a mobile application which would enable easy sharing of pictures amongst friends and family.


To share pictures, we generally have to chase our friends multiple times and provide them with either our Dropbox links or Google Plus profile. Even then the process is quite cumbersome and time-consuming. The new Shoto Mobile App, designed for the iOS and Android platform, helps you to request pictures as well as pools everything for private sharing. Shoto Inc. utilizes the location, time and its algorithm to inform you about the photos clicked while you were with your friends. Moreover, you can completely rely on the mobile app to keep your pictures private as it doesn’t share anything without your permission. Also, the photographs are protected and encrypted within the app.


We would review some of its features in the section below:

  • As the time and location sensors track your gatherings with friends, you are able to receive recommendations for sharing pictures of different places, occasions and events. The app organizes pictures under varied categories to mark birthdays, dinners, festivals etc. This feature helps to remind people of special meetings and events in their lives which they might have forgotten due to the daily rut.
  • The mobile app offers privacy with the option to withdraw any pictures or albums at the tap of a button if at any point of time you are not comfortable with the idea. On occasions, you share certain pictures and regret your actions much later. The simple tap of a button can save you from many such unwanted situations.


  • A lot of people have some kind of memory associated with specific pictures and are keen to discuss the same with their group of friends/family. Shoto allows you to comment on pictures and chat about moments with friends. Such simple features add a lot to user experience as people are able to interact in large groups without the need to share your thoughts with the outside world on social media platforms.
  • The app is smart enough to update users within minutes about their friends who are nearby and clicking pictures. This feature would enable you to request your friends for pictures there and then.
  • Also, the app allows users to share pictures with friends who are not using Shoto. A very nice feature as not everyone is willing to download varied apps on their phones or have the configuration to download one.

As a package, the Shoto app, available for free, would definitely get the attention of users, if marketed well, as the current generation enjoys creating memories. Though, the developers can enhance the features of this mobile app such as integration with social media for direct sharing on Facebook or Instagram and allowing users to create an album in advance for a trip/general gathering so that the pictures are automatically saved in the album on that particular day.

Worth Having app – Download the App

Also available in Android market.