This expedient iphone application is considered to the 21st century way to Collaborate and Entertain. It is said to be creative achievement and has no limit for your imagination. It permits up to 4 users to connect simultaneously via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi to generate, innovate, draw, share pictures, play games or just have entertainment.

This share board  application is inter-compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.They also include multiple drawing tools (Pen, Marker, Highlighter), editing and scaling features, session save and log, the ability to upload and edit photos and text and savors to share any session via email or Facebook.

It is also possible to assign session names and icons. You can even connect your iPad to a projector to display your work for presentations. You can indeed share thoughts and ideas during meetings, conferences or tradeshows.

They can even upload pictures, add texts and share them on Facebook. You can also Challenge friends to a game of Hang-Man or Tic-Tac-Toe. By this cogent iphone application the possibilities of savors are limitless. They also have multifarious features like potent multiple drawing, cogent editing & design Tools Scale, facile Rotate and Publish Pictures, apt graphics & text chronologically saved sessions/Projects Session Log ,can assign project Names and icons, possible to share via Facebook, Email or Photo Library, has VGA output support. Eventually this persuasive iphone application serves good for the global users.

Customer Rating:   *  *  *  *  *

Nice layout, responsive controls, really nice abililty to paste in photos and text boxes. Writing paths are smooth, not boxy. Simple commands, uncluttered – By Teach’em (User Review)

Worth having app –  Download the App