Conquest games are extremely fun and attractive to play with. These games for the most part include techniques that help the player with the best strategical game play to rise as the victor. At the point when you play a conquest game and before you prepare to conquer your enemy, you have to initially develop your assets like gathering food, gold, construct houses, train your warriors and develop your armed force while additionally shielding your realm from any adversary victories and taking up arms against your rival. These sort of games are energetic, particularly, when played with your friends as the rivals. You get the opportunity to wage little fights every once in a while or go into the enormous one at the same time. You ought to likewise have the option to hold your realm from adversary triumphs. Much of the time when you have a talented rival, you need to painstakingly design your procedures to rise as the champion. To a great many people such conquest games are only an immature method for involving time. Yet, they neglect to see the strategical possibility behind it.

Developed by:

Battle Maps’ is a mobile based app that was developed and provided by ‘Think New Creative Solutions Inc.’

How the app works:

Download and install ‘Battle Maps’ app on your mobile phone or any other compatible devices. Now launch the game on your device and start conquering. You can even play this game with your friends and try to beat each other in this fun filled adventure. With a number of players this game lets the one with the best gaming strategies emerge as the winner. You need to claim the gaming territory and maintain your territory.

Features of the app:

Battle Maps’ has some features that are listed here

  • Strategic thinking
  • Active planning
  • Resourceful and fun to play

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