Have you ever been to a restaurant with maid cos-players serving for you? They are dressed in cute little French dresses with flowers and rabbit ears sometimes. It’s a double treat when you are going to enjoy a feast in such a restaurant. They are cute, sweet and lovable. It’s also a royal feeling when they call you “Mister” and “Mistress” to your accompanying girl. This fashion is more popular in Japan and other South Asian countries where people love these cute little princesses. So what if you get a chance to share the same photo frame with them? Exciting you are; and we know it.


We are talking about the new iOS app, Maid De Camera that is available in the iTunes store now. The app has been developed by ImageX and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version installed on your device. When we said that you are going to share the photo frame with them, we didn’t mean to take you to Japan on a tour package and have you click some photos. What if we bring them to you at your place? Just see how we do it.maid2

The app is basically a photo frame store containing many pre-designed frames. The theme of these frames is “Japanese version of French Maids”. Just take a photo of yours and then you can choose any of the given frames and fit yourself in there. After you are done with the editing part, it will look like you were actually there with her. Apart from the photo frames, the app provides you with many different stamps like Heart, Stars, Strawberry, Apple and many more. Just select all the stamps you want and place them on your photo where you like. The result is a “Shining” picture of you with your maid.


The UI of the app is very simple yet attractive. The color combinations though are beautiful but only from a girl’s perspective. The whole setup is very much feminine and we felt that the app is actually made for girls only. But still anyone can try it especially if you want to see some “blushy” faces around you.  You can also share your photos on Facebook directly from the app.

The app is available for free in the App Store and just the right price for this one. Actually, we doubt the usability of the app. First, it is mostly for girls and we don’t think that boys will like it. Second, it is just as we said, “a photo frame store” merely with a different theme from the other apps hanging around in the market. Of course, it’s a different taste but you are more likely to get used to this “tangy” taste very soon and then searching for the next one.


We liked the app but it comes with a short expiry date. You’ll soon have to look for some other option. But for the moment it is refreshing, you’ll certainly like it.

Pros: beautiful photo frames; intuitive UI; many different stamps; free.

Cons: new for a short time.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here