If you’re a consultant with knowledge to share, you’re a DIY God or you just know things about, well, things, then Snafwho is the app for you! It makes it easy for you earn money by sharing your wisdom with those who need it!

Sometimes books, videos and how-to guides on the internet aren’t enough. Sometimes there’s a problem that’s specific to your situation. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, the chances are that there are some things your friends and family just can’t help you with – that’s where Snafwho comes in. Whether it’s professional advice and consulting or you need a hand figuring out how to build a treehouse in your garden, you’ll be able to connect with knowledgably people through Snafwho who can help.

If you’ve got knowledge and skills to share, Snafwho is a fantastic way to earn money. You could even turn it into a side hustle! Using text, video or audio chat you can connect with people who need your help in real-time and use your knowledge to help others around the world.

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