Recycling is a social and corporate responsibility. A step taken towards apt recycling doesn’t just make you a benevolent citizen; it also adds life to our planet and its ecosystem. There are tons of recycling centres out there who are already doing brilliant work by running recycle campaigns and spreading awareness about the right ways to recycle your e-waste and other recyclable goods. Today we present this list of handpicked apps for Recycling centres which would help them streamline their tasks and better reach the mass.


It provides the user with the access to more than around 1,500,000 different modes and ways to handle the recycling of around 300 items of different kinds. It helps the user in tracking down the following- where the items could be recycled, programs and locations for around 300 recyclable items etc. It lets you search recycling centres via your current location, address or the city, zip code, phone number and a host of other options.

My Recycle List

This app manages around nine groups-which are plastic, electronics, metal, glass, paper, hazardous, household, yard waste and automobiles. It also allows the user to locate the locations for recycling and organizing them in the appropriate manner. Users can track the locations with the help of the location Zip code or GPS. As soon as you have created the list, you can save them so that it can be used for future references. Users can then maintain the same list and modify the items for getting things recycled according to their convenience.


This app might just turn out to be a lucrative source of income for you. Based on the quantity of the aluminium cans ready to be disposed, it calculates the amount which the user will be entitled to receive if selling it. User can also check the nearest location for recycling. With this application a user can create his own group and track the performance of each and every group member and simultaneously share the same on the social media.

Shop Green

This application rewards the user by calculating the action of logging and saving the actions by taking a step forward to reduce the spread of carbon. It helps the user in finalizing the correct recycling actions in a seamless manner. Carbon savings are being tracked with the help of the built in Eco-Bank.


It helps in keeping track of the money earned for items recycled by an user or corporate. It also helps in comparing the prices of different recycling centres for deciding the right place for recycling your items. Its tips gives you enough confidence to recycle your wastes smartly.

Sim city Deluxe for ipad

This application helps the user in building the city by themselves. Some of the users are depicted as the Mayor and are given the task of planning the city and designing it in the way the user wishes. This helps the end user realize his social responsibility!

Tank Battalion Blitz

This application has created an ultimate fighting force with the equipments which have been won in some of the earlier battles. It allows multi players to get engaged in this game. The user can build the deck of around 150 tanks and move forward for the battle. However, throughout the presentation the app doesn’t deviate from its prime theme of Recycling!

Scrapkins Scrap collector

This app depicts a tribal monster who loves collecting junk that is spread in the recycle area and piles up the world with the items which are being thrown helter-skelter by users. The users are instructed and reminded not to throw garbage just anywhere and follow a proper recycling channel.

Motor aide

Any vehicle whether old or new is prone to wear, tear and repairs. This application helps the user in investing and avoiding unexpected repairs for the items. In this way it tries to restrict the users spread much of motor or carbon waste as they contribute to a major chunk of recyclable goods.

Visit Sanibel

This app depicts a fabulous plan for vacation to Sanibel. Attractions are the beaches, restaurants, library, events, museums etc. User can quickly and easily filter the information with the help of buttons available and then plan their consumption and recycle unused or used up consumables or other goods. It is a meticulous illustration for Recycling Centres.

And when cell phones are used extensively and become old, they end up in trash cans. The toxic material in these phones end up in public landfills thus making the ground water contaminated which is very harmful for the living environment. This leaves one thinking that it is always a better idea to sell my phone online instead of damaging the environment.

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