Do you love drinking coffee? Do you go nuts when you smell the scent of freshly brewed coffee? If yes, then you must be a coffee lover. Wherever I go, I prefer to have coffee as it is my favorite too. There are many people out there, who enjoy having coffee just the way we do.

The taste of coffee is not the same everywhere. There are many varieties of coffee say, Cappuccino, Espresso, Flat White, Long Black, Macchiato, Irish Coffee and a lot more. All these varieties cannot be brewed at home. We get to taste them only in certain coffee shops. How about you get to buy them all on your own? Exciting. Isn’t it. Yes, with the app Bean Box you can browse through the categories of coffee, order and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Developed by Bean Box, Inc, the app allows you to buy hand picked artisan coffee. Bean Box is a Seattle startup company that sends a monthly collection of fresh coffee roasts to people around the country. The company works with around 30 Seattle and Portland’s top-rated, award-winning, small-batch roasters. The coffee makers ensure freshness by shipping coffee within 24 hours of roasting. As the coffee makers ensure this standard, the coffee you taste is always rich and delicious with a flavor that is heavenly. To assist their customers in delivering the coffee they like at the right time, they have launched an iOS app named Bean Box. The users will just have to sign up to make use of the app. They get to choose the way they prefer their coffee, either dark, medium or light roasted.

Users are free to order bags of coffee they loved the most. The app displays notifications of the new and rare coffees every week. It gives a list of hand-picked coffees, tasting notes and coffee stories as well. Using Bean Box, users can also mark their favorite coffee and share reviews with their community. You can also avail a free shipping offer when you order for more than 30 dollars.

The new version of the app comes with many performance improvements that allow you to browse through various top coffee varities. Belonging to the Shopping category, Bean Box is available only in the App Store and is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later versions. Highly recommended by all of its users, the app will definitely be more beneficial if you are already a lover of Bean Box coffee. If you go crazy for coffee, then this app is definitely a must-have.

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