People in today’s world are not open up with their words.If a person love someone he thinks about the future problems and backup.To Overcome this problem there are many messaging app have been built with the help of which one can share the words with the partner and one of the App is Pronto.Pronto is one of the safest messaging app which helps to send secret messages to the loved one.Pronto is being developed by RXN,LLC.This is one of the unique app as it doesnt show the name of the sender.


Pronto is one of the best Messaging app which allow one to send messages at an ease.It does not require any specific app to receive messages. One can easily send messages,photos or Videos from Pronto to the receivers social app such as facebook,Whatsapp and other such messaging app.The best things about Pronto is as soon as the friends reads the message,photo or video he or she will never come to know who had send that.Pronto Doesnt allow the user to store the data on drive or other such storage sites and it comes up much highly added security. If a user try to take screenshot of the page for future reference then the user is not allowed to do that too.Hence it is one of the effective app which data encrypted and comes up with other such advance security too.Pronto is one of the effective app to use one just have to download it from the app store and follow the simple registration process to experience Pronto.
Features:Pronto Is one of the best Messaging App with comes up security such as:

A.No Screenshot

Pronto doesnt allows the reader to take screenshot of the landing where where one reads the Messages.Due to this user can only read the message without being known who is the sender of the messages.It uses the special mechanism of Screenshot Prevention.

B.Availability of Filters.

With the help of this feature user can create their messages with the help of filters in it and if one desire to add something to the picture there has been a draw command which helps the user to create any of the desired painting into the photo.User can also add some text into the photo if one desire it.

C.Pronto comes up with data privacy and security which means the data cant be shared by any means.Pronto has tied up with the ABA model rules which provides a license to Pronto to keep the message,photo and videos confidential according to their several rules.With the Help of Pronto Doctors can easily exchange their patients private documents to the desired one without being known to the third party.


1.Simple to use.
2.Available in 16 languages.
3.It is one of the best secret messaging app available for IOS.
4.App data is fully Encrypted.
5.Comes up with Strict Privacy Rules.
6.No Bugs.


1.Do Not support on Android devices.
2.Requires IOS 9.3 and above.


Pronto is one of the best,unique and safe app built for the modern era by which one can freely send messages from Pronto to any of the social messaging app with ease.The App consists of good graphics as it simple to use and one can easily access the app.It is available on app store under social networking category at free of cost.

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