Today, our social circle is so big that it has crossed all the boundaries. The boundaries created by our rulers that we know as territories are not defined in the social circles. When people are working in MNCs and working as freelancers for clients from other countries, it is quite common to have friends across the borders. You talk to them on social media and share pictures with them on Instagram just like any of your other friends. Up to this point, everything’s all right. But the problem arises when you exchange phone numbers. Now, you have to call a person whose telecom circle falls in another country and therefore you can expect the hefty that’d be charged on your pocket. Another situation comes when you’re visiting abroad for a few days and your telephone bills rise up like a mountain. To all such problems, there is one solution: iPlum.


iPlum is the latest iOS app that has been developed by doo GmbH. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 8.0 or any later version of the OS.


iPlum puts a very simple but effective solution to your problems. It gives you a local number of U.S; a real-normal number with a True Caller ID that’d make sure you’re never termed out as spam and your authenticity will never be questioned. But when we’re talking of a local U.S number, we’re not only talking about the location but the tariffs as well.


iPlum offers you a $1/month plan under which every call you make to a United States telephone number from an outside country would be charged at 1cent/minute only. Adding more to it, you’d get additional free credits of 30 minutes at sign-up. Also, sending an SMS costs you 1cent/SMS. Remember that for these rates to apply, you “don’t” need the other person to have iPlum installed on his iPhone or iPad. You can call on any U.S registered landline or mobile phone and vice versa i.e. they can also call on this number of yours and it will be a local call for them. So now you can give this number of yours to your U.S clients and discuss matters with them freely. And the next time you visit U.S, don’t forget to switch to this new number of yours.

The app’s interface is user-friendly and invites you to explore the features. It serves as the storehouse for all your business-related call logs and messages and therefore acts as a filter of your professional and private lives. Moreover, while it’s very cheap to call on landlines/mobile phones, it’s free to call on another iPlum-installed number. App-to-app calling and messaging services are free, secured and offer support for video, image, text and file transfers as well.

So I don’t think that iPlum has left any stone unturned in terms of making your U.S calls cost-free, almost. What do you think?

The app is available for free in the App Store.

Pros: 1cent/minute calling to U.S landlines and mobile phones; user-friendly UI; $1/month rental only; local U.S number; free in-app calling and messaging; AES-256 data encryption; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App