The iPhone by Apple is a craze among the Millenials. Laleoo is the cherry on top of it. Laleoo is a unique app to share photos and videos which are called moments in the app. It shares media in real time from all around the world with your family and friends. With this app you can share a number of videos and media files that you have captured and share it in one go in a single event post called moments. After that whenever you take an image or video it will get automatically added to your moment. When it comes to privacy, the app allows you to tag your friends and family. The app allows you to tag the members who can view your precious moments and those who can share their own. Laleoo allows you to snap back to back pictures and videos and saves the iPhone users’ effort of sharing single videos and images with friends. So, you can snap the pictures and videos and when you are done share your moments with your friend. You can choose for what duration your moment will be available to you and your friend. after that whenever you snap some media it will automatically be uploaded on that moment and for that duration your friends will be able to share their memories with you.

Since the innovative new Laleoo app shares in real time, with this app you can create new posts without using up device storage. The beautifully designed app also allows you to like and comment on your friends’ posts and helps you earn the same from your friends. So, your sharing of moments doesn’t go without appreciation. But if you are offline? No worries! The app even works when you are offline! Here are the steps which will help you share your amazing, precious memories using this app in your iPhone: a)Tap on the camera icon to get started b) Put up the title of your moment c) Add up a message to your moment, d) Tag the people whom you would like to see and comment on your moment e) Decide and set how long your moments will last in terms of either hours or days f) Start taking pictures and videos till the duration lasts! Once the duration is over share a new moment!

If you are lucky to have a friend who has allowed you to not only see their moments but also share your own, then go to the moments drawer and start sharing your own memories in your friend’s moment.

So, all the iPhone users out there, go, download and start sharing! Create lasting memories with Laleoo now! You are going to love the new unique experience to socialize yourself with the world around you. You can download the app in your iPhone from Apple store and Play store. Then open the app, enter your email, create your awesome profile, put up a fancy profile picture and you are all set to share your moments. For more information, visit the official app website

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