If you’re looking for a fun, challenging and addictive game, you should try out Bounce A Lot.  This is a game where you play as two paramedics trying to catch and save victims from a raging fire.  The victims jump down from many buildings at different rates, in different stages.  If you have to ask why there’s an Alien on the icon of the game wearing diapers, it’s because the game is out of this world!

As the characters jump and escape from the window, you have two players holding a sheet for them to bounce on over to the ambulance.  You start by only moving on three spaces.  When you start the game, you start by saving princesses from the castle and you have to use imaginary controllers on the screen.  Tap the left side of the screen and your characters will move the sheet to the left.  If you press the right side of the screen, your players will move to the right.

The tricky part is having no visual controls and forgetting to tap to the right side.  This game requires quickness and agility because you might be bouncing two or three characters at the same time, so have your strategy planned to play this game.  The great thing about this game is that you have many different powers ups: a cupcake, a horn, a snail, a multiplier and a swirl.  To make things fun, the power ups have interesting names like: Cup Savers, Still Alive, Slow Motion, Double Trouble and a Sucking Machine.

You don’t always have to bounce princesses; you can also bounce spike balls, a princess, a man, an alien and a tooth.  You travel across 16 stages fit for fun, skill and a lot of time spent practicing.  Trying out the game, it doesn’t look as easy as it sounds and that’s what makes the games a lot more interesting.  Some of these stages include a Cupcake land, similar to Katy Perry’s video for California Girls, you get a city shaken by an earthquake, you get to be on the moon and you get to play on a stage with a big boss, which pretty much looks like hell with the fire balls and the molten lava.

Some games are great but you end up doing the same thing, with the same characters over and over again.  With Bounce a lot, you get different stages and different victims to bounce around, which is great to have with a game that you will definitely keep.  The different characters don’t really make sense with each other, but that is part of the process of playing in different ways.

The game is recommended for kids of ages of four and up, but I always recommend that the parents check out the games for themselves before buying it for their kids.  The only thing that could be an issue is the fact that the boss stage looks like hell itself.  If there’s no problem with that, then your kids can easily play this game for hours or just when you need them busy during an appointment.

The graphics look pretty great, and it looks like there are no bugs lying around the game.  The application is only worth ninety nine cents which makes this game even better.  There are no annoying apps that pop out of nowhere which is a good thing and paying for this app means that if there is any little bug or suggestion you may have for the team, you can send them a message and enjoy the changes with the new updates.

Apps400 Rating :  *  *  *  *

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