iTunes is full of gaming apps. But still when you walk into it, most of the times you are not sure about where to proceed now. You are surrounded by many games of different categories, but you don’t know the name of the game which can greatly entertain you and fulfils the criterion set by you. You may find a puzzle that you have already tried or a game that is frustrating. But no more guys, we have found an amazing image-trivia, puzzle game which is easy yet challenging at the same time. It’s called Pix Smash.

This new iOS app has been developed by InnoMobile Labs. Pix Smash requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Pix Smash is a simple puzzle game where the old fun and new age entertainment resides. The app consists of a number of different categories of quiz like logos, movies, celebrities, plants, animals, places, concepts, words, activities, colours and much more. When you begin, there is a wheel which you have to spin by tapping ‘Go’ get your category. If you are not satisfied with it, you can again spin the wheel by spending 5 coins on it. Once you’re happy you can tap ‘Next’ and here is your puzzle for which you’ll be given only 30 seconds. There is an opponent always with which you have to compete and win. You can select them randomly, search by name or invite your whatsapp contacts to play with you.


Your goal is very simple, you have to guess a single word from 4 pictures depicting 4 different words. You will get new pictures, puzzles and solutions every day as it has over 2000 puzzles and more than 5000 pictures. Be sure you have to guess the word as fast as you can due to time limit. You can view the answers after the puzzle by spending coins or watching a video. If you want to climb the Leaderboard then distract your opponent by using your superhero powers.

Undoubtedly, Pix Smash has some of the finest graphics and it’s the ultimate picture quiz puzzle. The app is full of textures, colours and different elements that contribute to a beautiful app. The animations are really good and all the features of the app work flawlessly. So if I am asking you to download this app right now, I really mean it!

There is a Big Event in this new version of Pix Smash. You can choose either Girls Team or Boys Team and be the winning team! You can win coupons and smart items if you get 20 victories in a month. Isn’t it interesting?

This app is available free in the iTunes store. So Challenge your friends and players all over the world and show that you are the real superhero.

PROS: Colourful; challenging; interesting puzzle; enhance learning power and speed; free.

CONS: None.

Worth Having App – Download the App